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Anemone (Japanese) 'Pocahontas'

Price: $10
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Full to Part Sun
Photo by Perennial Farm Marketplace

Anemone Fantasy™ 'Pocahontas', a windflower, proffers up such stunning, cut flower-quality blooms that you will not believe it is a simple windflower. The thick, double blooms are bubblegum pink with lemon drop button centers, and the overall look is enchanting. Part of the Fantasy™ series, a group of Japanese anemone hybrids specially bred to be compact, yet heavy blooming, Anemone Fantasy™ 'Pocahontas' will capture your heart with its cup-shaped double blooms of powder pink and bright, clear yellow. The thick petals and button centers make these blooms look like they were plucked from an idyllic meadow in some animated wonderland.

Anemone Fantasy™ 'Pocahontas', a member of the buttercup family, holds its blooms on strong woody stems, covered all season with handsome dark green leaves. These leaves are an ovoid, palmate shape with dentate margins. The double, rose-like blooms will enchant you from July to September, the vivacious pinks and yellows vaguely reminiscent of Easter eggs and marshmallow candies.

Anemone Fantasy™ 'Pocahontas' emits a sweet, subtle fragrance that attracts bees and butterflies to socialize with it all summer. Luckily, deer don't find the plant as appetizing. And the thick petals and foliage even resists slugs. Nothing stops this hardy little flower.

Anemone Fantasy™ 'Pocahontas' in any average soil. It isn't particularly picky about the pH or how rich the soil is, so long as it is moist and well draining. In cool, moist soil Anemone Fantasy™ 'Pocahontas' tolerates full sun, but it prefers afternoon shade in hot, dry conditions. The plant is also small enough to make a lovely container plant for any small space garden. Zones 5 to 8. (Source: Wayside Gardens)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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