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Aronia 'Ground Hug'

Price: $15
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Flowering Shrub
Low-growing native; makes good groundcover
Photo by Proven Winners

Aronia Ground Hug® is ideal for filling in those hard to grow areas such as hills & parking lot islands. This hard working native ground cover stands 8-14″ tall and spreads up to 3 foot wide.

Forming a dense mat of foliage, Aronia Ground Hug® eliminates the need for mulching and fights hard at drowning out unwanted weeds. The small, glossy green foliage is adorned with small white flowers in the spring followed by deep purple berries in the summer. Pollinators and birds will enjoy the flowers and berries that Ground Hug® brings to the garden. The interest does not start there! In the fall, the foliage changes to bright shades of orange and red creating a mat of color in your landscape.

Aronia Ground Hug® is a fast spreading ground cover shrub that quickly fills in your hillsides and landscapes. This heat tolerant shrub is adaptable in dry locations as well as planted in clay locations. Hardy in zones 3-9, this chokeberry will work hard in your full sun to part shade gardens. (Source: Garden Crossings)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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