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Boltonia 'Snowbank'

For reference only. Not currently for sale.
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Perennial
Great late fall blooming perennial!
Photo by Bluestone Perennials, Inc.

'Snowbank' will mature to 3-4' tall. Its simple leaves are blue green, and the top half of the plant is blanketed by clear white daisies with yellow centers. Flowering begins in early August and continues well into September.

Although it will certainly tolerate periods of drought, Boltonia prefers average to moist soil and will withstand periodic wet feet. Full sun is essential for maintaining an upright stature.

Cut back in early to mid summer to achieve a less lanky habit. Propagate by division in spring or fall and tip cuttings in spring. (Source: North Creek Nurseries)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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