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Cutleaf Sumac 'Tiger Eyes'

Price: $20
Size: 2 gallon pot
Light: Full Sun
Type: Tree
Bright golden variety of our native staghorn cutleaf sumac
Photo by First Editions

Tiger Eyes® is a beautiful golden-leafed form of cutleaf staghorn sumac. New growth is a lively chartreuse green, quickly changing to yellow with both colors contrasting nicely with the rosy-pink leaf stems. The branches angle upward while the deeply cut leaflets drape downward.

As magnificent as the summer colors are, the dramatic effect of yellow, orange and intense scarlet in autumn are unparalleled. This showy plant can be used as an accent or in mass plantings. It tolerates a wide range of soils as well as urban conditions, and is adaptable to poorly drained soils as well as very dry soil. (Source: First Editions)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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