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Dogwood 'Ragin' Red'

For reference only. Not currently for sale.
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Tree
Photo by Spring Hill Nurseries, Inc.

Are you looking for a small, colorful tree with a little bit of an attitude? Ragin’ Red is an incredible, ultra-modern cultivar of a native tree which features dark red color in both flower and foliage. These vigorous small trees provide four seasons of interest.

Ragin’ Red Dogwood also looks absolutely great anywhere you plant it, but the color will be bolder if the tree receives plenty of sun. In spring, you’ll be knocked out how the bare branches suddenly burst into a stunning floral display. The color display remains extremely showy for weeks. This variety has purple-red bracts surrounding the tiny true flowers.

As the spring bloom fades, brilliant red new growth comes on. The foliage emerges bright red, giving you another welcome blast of color to your landscape. The leaves turn dark green with a red overcast in the summer.

Enjoy these fine-textured trees, and they’ll cast dappled shade over your hammock chair and cooler stand. The fireworks really start to heat up in fall. The burnished, deep burgundy color comes back to spark up the leaves. Blaze orange, deep red and mellow purple join in to give you a big finale in early fall. (Source:

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