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Hosta (Assorted varieties)

Price: $10
Size: Assorted
Light: Part to Full Shade
Type: Perennial
All varieties (including miniatures) are just $10
Photo by Eden Brothers

Hostas (Hosta spp.) are a popular garden plant for very simple reasons. Hostas don't need sun; they thrive in shade and part-shade, unlike many other plants. And hostas  are extremely easy to care for and propagate. Plus, as perennials, hostas come back every year with proper care. You can even grow hostas in pots.

Hosta is a clump-forming plant that grows from rhizomatous roots. It produces blooms on long stalks that extend well above the clumping foliage in late spring or summer, but the foliage is the main attraction. Among the hundreds of hosta cultivars, there are fast-, medium-. and slow-growing varieties. Smaller varieties tend to grow fastest and can reach their mature size in three to five years; larger types can take five to seven years. There's also a wide range of sizes, from mini to mammoth.

Hostas can be planted in early spring or as soon as the heat of summer ends in early fall. Note that hostas are toxic to pets,1 so be mindful about where you plant them. (Source: The Spruce)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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