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Iris (German)

For reference only. Not currently for sale.
Light: Full Sun
Type: Perennial
Fresh dug rhizomes to plant now

More than 250 species make up the genus Iris. The most familiar irises are the tall bearded irises (Iris germanica), which reach 2 - 3' in height. Their distinctive six-petaled flowers have three outer hanging petals (called “falls”) and three inner upright petals (called “standards”). Most irises flower from late spring to early summer. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and make lovely cut flowers. Irises will bloom best in full sun, meaning at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. Without enough light, they won’t bloom well. Bearded irises must not be shaded out by other plants; many do best in a special bed on their own. Provide well-draining, fertile, neutral to slightly acidic soil. Loosen soil to a depth of 12 - 15", then mix in compost or aged manure. Good drainage is critical: Irises prefer “wet feet, but dry knees.” They will not tolerate wet soil in winter. (Source:

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