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Japanese Maple 'Emperor 1'

Price: $35
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Tree
Desirable ornamental tree; 1-2' whips
Photo by Brighter Blooms

'Emperor 1' is an improved variety of upright Japanese Maple that is similar to the classic 'Bloodgood'. This dwarf shade tree, also known as the Red Emperor, offers three seasons of rich red to purple color. This extraordinarily stunning tree adds interest and distinction to your home!

The attractive leaves are a deep shade of burgundy-plum in the spring and summer. Cool temperatures enliven the leaves of the Emperor 1 Japanese Maple transforming them into a vibrant, fiery red. This variety boasts excellent color retention under a variety of conditions.

Emperor Maples are ideal for cooler regions where delicate, new leaves are often killed or damaged by late spring frost. Emerging from dormancy a couple of weeks later actually gives this Japanese maple a jump start over other varieties. The Emperor 1 is heat tolerant and rarely encounters issues with sun scorch even in full sun. Emperor Japanese Maples thrive in partial shade to full sun and adapt to various, moist soils. These Japanese Maples can grow in zones 5-9. (Source:

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