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Juniper (Common)

Price: $25
Size: 2 gallon pot
Light: Full Sun
Type: Conifer
Photo by The Spruce \ Evgeniya Vlasova

These hardy evergreen conifers, members of the Cupressaceae family, are variable in form depending on the cultivar and conditions where they are growing.

Varieties bred for landscape use are rarely more than 15' tall, and many are much smaller. All common junipers are characterized by short needle-like, aromatic leaves and berry-like green cones that turn a deep purple-blue as they ripen.

Common juniper, like most conifers, is usually planted during mild weather of spring or early fall. The rate of growth varies somewhat by variety, but most are slow-growing shrubs, rarely adding more than about 6" per year.

For the most part, common junipers are fairly self-sustaining and do not require much attention. They are extremely hardy shrubs that can adapt to a wide range of growing conditions, including poor soils, dry locations, and even inner-city environments, as common junipers are highly tolerant of urban pollution.

For the very best performance, give them moist but well-draining soil and plenty of sun. (Source: The Spruce)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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