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Little Bluestem 'Shining Star'

For reference only. Not currently for sale.
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Perennial
Great, tough clumping native grass
Photo by Emerald Coast Growers

A variegated Little Bluestem!

Cream & green foliage blushes pink with cooler temps. This North American native ornamental grass with its deep root system is an ideal erosion control for slopes or banks.

Bird friendly, the wispy seed heads attract songbirds in fall and the dense foliage mounds provide shelter and nesting material in spring. The feathery inflorescences are held upright and do not lodge. Audubon touts Little Bluestem as a living bird feeder and their recommendation to “Go Native” will attract the greatest variety and abundance of birds to your home gardens.

Schizachyrium Shining Star’s superior attributes continue with its tolerance to road salt and ability to thrive in heat and humidity combined with its success in a wide range of soil conditions. (Source: Bluestone Perennials)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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