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Mock Orange 'Illuminati Tower'

Price: $15
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Flowering Shrub
Narrow growth for tight spaces
Photo by Proven Winners

Mock orange is a delightfully old-fashioned plant that has unfortunately fallen out of favor, mostly due to its enormous size. Illuminati Tower® mock orange stands to breathe new life into this classic favorite, though, combining a landscape-friendly size with a totally unique space-saving habit.

It naturally grows in a very narrow, upright way, each sturdy stem a stack of rugged, deep green leaves that looks like a four-sided tower. In late spring/ early summer, hundreds of fragrant white flowers emerge from between the leaves for striking show that truly celebrates the season.

Deer resistant and drought tolerant. (Source: Proven Winners)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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