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Nyssa sylvatica (Black Gum) ‘Zydeco Twist’

For reference only. Not currently for sale.
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Tree
Contorted variety of the native
Photo by Wilson Bros. Gardens

The Zydeco Twist Black Gum, or Tupelo, tree is a unique selection that will immediately add a point of interest to your yard. Its zigzag branches are similar to that of a corkscrew willow and give the tree an appearance that simply draws the eye. In winter the zigzag branches really pop making this tree great specimen planting for a medium sized area. The black gum is an excellent fall tree and often holds out a little later for its show, but when transitions you can't mistake it. Leaves change from green/orange quickly to red with mottled darker red splotches that make it deeper in color, but simultaneously more brilliant than many of the maple cultivars. (Source: New Blooms Nursery)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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