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Pagoda Dogwood 'Golden Shadows'

Price: $15
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Flowering Shrub
Elegant, bright tree type dogwood
Photo by The Spruce / Evgeniya Vlasova)

Elegant structure + unbelievable color = one perfect little tree!

Golden Shadows® dogwood is the ideal candidate to grace a spot of honor in your landscape. This pagoda dogwood naturally grows with a distinctive horizontal branching habit, which gives it a strong but not overwhelming presence. Its elegant structure is complemented by a cloak of gloriously variegated leaves - bright yellow with a splotch of emerald green in the center, taking on pink tones on the new growth in cool weather. Spring sees the plant graced with lacy white blooms. 

Beneath all this beauty lies a tough North American native that can grow in many difficult conditions; Golden Shadows pagoda dogwood is especially noteworthy for its ability to thrive in light shade, its bright foliage bringing color and beauty to otherwise dim sites. (Source: Proven Winners)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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