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Peony (Herbaceous)

For reference only. Not currently for sale.
Light: Full Sun
Type: Flowering Shrub
Assorted colors; Great price for large plants!
Photo by Peony's Envy

Herbaceous Peonies, the most well-known type of peony, produce some of the best cut flowers available. They require full sun, rich soil, and good drainage. They bloom during the transition from spring to summer, with each individual cultivar blooming for an average of 5-7 days. The foliage of shining green leaves remains throughout the summer, dies back to the ground in winter, and reemerges early each spring. Peonies have been cultivated for centuries; thus, a curated collection of distinct herbaceous cultivars can offer both extended bloom time and an astounding array of flower form, color, and degree of fragrance.

Herbaceous peonies can be planted in both spring and fall. Like most long-lived perennials, they take three years to bloom prolifically—they are worth the wait! Peonies thrive in horticultural zones 3-8. Typically, peak bloom occurs in mid-May in the southern zones, late-May in the mid zones, and early-June in the colder zones. Peonies are a mainstay in every garden, the best cut flower available, and can be passed down through generations since they live for centuries.

Herbaceous Peony Subgroups: Fern Leaf, Coral, True Red, Lactiflora (Source: Peony's Envy)

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