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Redbud 'Alley Cat'

Price: $50
Size: 3-4 ft. tall
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Tree
Beautiful white variegated leaves; will not burn or revert!
Photo by Bountiful Gardens

Found by plantsmen Allen Bush growing in an alley near his home in Louisville, Kentucky, 'Alley Cat' is a standout among Redbud trees and our favorite among the variegated varieties. Unlike some other variegated selections, the foliage on Alley Cat is super tough and won't scorch in sun...and the variegation holds well in hot weather. Heralding the arrival of spring, LOADS of brilliant lavender-pink sweet pea like flowers literally cover the branches in late winter to very early spring. Immediately following the bloom the heart-shaped green leaves that are heavily speckled, streaked and splotched in shades of white emerge. No two leaves are identical! A magnificent North American native flowering tree that deserves a spot in every garden where it will grow, in full sun or shade.

Growing upright with an irregular rounded form 20 to 25 feet tall and 20 to 30 feet wide, the Alley Cat Redbud is best used as a specimen or in groupings in sunny or shady landscape or woodland borders. Also nice to frame the corners of tall homes and to provide beauty and some shade around patios, porches and other outdoor living spaces. A fine addition to white or purple theme gardens, native gardens, woodland gardens and cottage gardens. (Source: Wilson Bros Gardens)

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