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Redbud 'Black Pearl'

Price: $50
Size: 2-3 ft. tall
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Tree
Photo by Spring Hill Nurseries, Inc.

Fans of redbuds love how adaptable and dependable these trees are. Now, the newest variety, the Black Pearl™Redbud, offers the same dependability and charm with a new, exciting color that will look stunning in your yard.

Deep purple leaves make this tree unlike any other. The leaves are so deeply purple, they almost appear glossy black, which is where the name Black Pearl™comes from. Its very dense foliage gives it a full, healthy appearance. In spring, small sweet-pea shaped, lavender flowers bloom and look stunning against the deep purple leaves.

Whether you plant this tree alone or amongst others in your garden, it will certainly add interest and ornamental value. This tree is a showstopper even in its dormant season. The irregular growth patterns of the branches form a captivating silhouette during cold, winter months - a perfect contrast to your evergreens.

Even smaller yards can benefit from the Black Pearl™Redbud as it is a semi-dwarf variety, growing only to 15-20 ft. Plant them near your yard’s edge or driveway to add a captivating entry to your home. (Source:

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