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Redbud 'The Rising Sun'

Price: $150
Size: 3-4 ft. tall
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Tree
This is a cultivar a.k.a "nativar" of the native redbud
Photo by Fast Growing Trees

The leaves are the most amazing feature of the Rising Sun™ Redbud. From spring to fall this tree will add eye-popping multi-color foliage to your home or garden. Starting at the trunk of the tree and moving outward the leaves of this tree transition from dark green, to pale green, to yellow, to bronze orange. This cascade of color provides captivating depth to the already gorgeous heart-shaped redbud leaves. It will also produce the classic redbud flowers of purple, pink that cluster along the branches in early spring. (Source: New Blooms Nursery)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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