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Resurrection Lilies (Naked Ladies)

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Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Perennial
Dormant (but live!) bulbs
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Also known as Magic Lily and Resurrection Lily - due to its habit of blooming long after the foliage has died, Naked Lady – since flowers appear with no foliage, and Flamingo Flower – since the pink blooms atop the tall leafless stems resemble flamingoes on their long legs. There are many varieties of Lycoris which are not hardy in zone 5, but Surprise Lilies have been known to survive here for decades. They tolerate both sandy and clay soils, and grow well in full or partial sun. They do not thrive in especially wet soils. Bulbs look like small amaryllis, with long necks, and grow to a diameter of 2.5”. In Indiana, they should be planted so the bottom of the bulb is approximately 5”-6” below the soil surface. Deep planting accomplishes two goals: bulbs are protected from the cold winters, and they will not need to be divided as frequently as more shallow plantings. However, deeper planting may delay flowering until the second year (depending on the size of the bulb). (Source: The Forest Flower)

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