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Rose Verbena 'Anna's Pink'

Price: $10
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Full Sun
Type: Perennial
Rare to find for sale anywhere!

Commonly called rose verbena, clump verbena or rose vervain, this perennial is a clumping, sprawling plant that grows to 6-18” tall. It can spread rather quickly by pubescent, decumbent stems, rooting at the nodes where they touch the ground, to form an attractive ground cover. Flat-topped clusters of 5-petaled, rose-pink to rose-purple flowers appear atop ascending stems in a long, late spring to late summer bloom. Deeply lobed dark green leaves (to 4" long) have triangular bases. (Source: Missouri Botanical Garden) All the plants are clonal (vegetatively propagated) that originate from one plant that John Chapin bought years ago. Because there are more forms coming to the market, he decided to name this form 'Anna's Pink' after his daughter (and grandmother Anna), who immigrated to USA from Poland.

Additional Plant Info & Care

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