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Sedum 'Angelina's Teacup'

Price: $10
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Full Sun
Type: Perennial
New variety that does not flower!
Photo by Walters Gardens, Inc.

Standing only 3" tall and creating a tight mounding clump up to 18" wide, SUNSPARKLER® Angelina’s Teacup is going to ‘wow’ in your garden. The very fine, needle like foliage holds its bright chartreuse yellow-green color all summer long. In the cooler weather this plant puts on a spectacular show of bright orange and reds.

Unlike ‘Angelina’, SUNSPARKLER® Angelina’s Teacup has been bred to not produce flower heads so the showy mound stays neat and tidy looking. Hardy in zones 4-8, SUNSPARKLER® Angelina’s Teacup is a low growing, mounding sedum, a great selection for rock gardens, slopes, borders, and containers. Sedum are a drought tolerant plant and show even more rich colors when they are in full sun and kept on the drier side, once established. (Source: Garden Crossings)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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