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Smooth Leaf Hydrangea 'Haas Halo'

Price: $15
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Flowering Shrub
The most pollinator friendly native hydrangea!
Photo by Plants Nouveau

'Haas Halo' beckons passersby and pollinators alike to the Hydrangea garden—even in high heat and humidity. This smooth Hydrangea, a seedling found in the garden of Joan Haas, has quickly become a hit in the Hydrangea world, in part because of its tolerance for drought and long, hot summers. A vigorous Hydrangea with strong, sturdy stems and attractive blue-green foliage, this plant produces pure white, lacecap flowers that bloom up to 14 inches across. This selection of our North American Native Hydrangea arborescens, is an excellent specimen plant, and even better planted en masse as a hedge or at a woodland edge. 'Haas Halo' also fills in nicely in a mixed border, with beautiful form and bright, clean flowers that enhance the beauty of everything around it. (Source: Spring Hill Nurseries)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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