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Soloman's Seal

For reference only. Not currently for sale.
Light: Part to Full Shade
Type: Perennial
Dwarf variety
Photo by Brecks

Polygonatum humile, commonly called dwarf Solomon's seal, is a creeping, rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial that typically grows to only 9" tall. It is native to forests and grassy slopes in northeastern China, Japan, Korea and eastern Siberia. Upright stems rise from plant rhizomes to 6-8" tall in spring, each stem bearing 7-11 alternate, conspicuously veined, lanceolate to ovate leaves (each to 3" long). Tubular, greenish-white flowers (to 3/4" long) dangle in spring from the upper leaf axils (usually one but sometimes two flowers per axil). Flowers are followed by pendulous blue-black berries (each 1/4" diameter) which hang downward from the axils. (Source: Missouri Botanical Garden)

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