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Sundrops 'Fireworks'

Price: $10
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Perennial
Old fashioned flower that blooms in early summer. Sweet.
Photo by NVK Nurseries

Oenothera fruticosa 'Fireworks' is an amazing North American native, which hails from prairies and similar habitats from Canada south to northern Florida. The hairy, woody stalk emerges in spring from winter rosettes, clothed in lanceolate (narrow) green leaves and topped from mid May thru mid June with bright red buds that open to screaming yellow, four-petaled flowers produced on the top half of the stem. It's one of the most stunning plants in the late spring garden. Oenothera fruticosa spreads slowly by underground rhizomes, but is nothing like the horribly weedy Oenothera speciosa. 10-year-old clumps are 6' wide but easily removed from unwanted areas. (Source: Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.)

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