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Sweet Box 'Sweet & Lo'

Price: $15
Size: 1 gallon pot
Light: Part to Full Shade
Type: Flowering Shrub
Evergreen for shade; deer and rabbit proof
Photo by Proven Winners

The Sweet & Lo™ Sweetbox, or Sarcococca confusa, is an adorable plant with uniquely textured flowers. This evergreen is easy to grow and can quickly fill in a space. The thread-like, red-tipped white flowers bloom in clusters for an eye-catching display. These flowers have more to offer than good looks because they have a delicious, sweet fragrance. Flowers bloom in late winter or early spring and later give way to dark blue berries. Purple stems stand out against the glossy, dark green leaves.

Use Sweet & Lo™ Sweetbox as a shrubby groundcover, create a stunning mixed bed, or enjoy the lovely scented flowers in a container. Potted plants should be placed near a door or on a tabletop to enjoy the fragrant flowers. Pollinators also enjoy the flowers, but deer tend to avoid Sarcococca. This low shrub grows as a perennial in USDA zones 5 through 9.  (Source: Plant Addicts)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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