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Syneilesis (Shredded Umbrella Plant)

For reference only. Not currently for sale.
Light: Part to Full Shade
Type: Perennial
Photo by Walter's Gardens, Inc.

The shredded umbrella plant is an herbaceous perennial that is grown for its attractive green foliage. In the spring, the leaves emerge on stiff stems like an unopened umbrella and are covered with silvery-white wooly hairs. As the leaves grow, they slowly open like a shredded umbrella and measure 10 inches in diameter. Small pinkish-white flowers appear in corymbs atop the brownish-purple stem from June to July. The plant may be difficult to obtain commercially, but its unique foliage will add much interest to a shade garden.

The shredded umbrella plant prefers full shade to part shade and well-drained humus-rich moist soils. It is drought and humidity tolerant once it is established. It spreads by creeping rhizomes and can form colonies over time. It is propagated by division. (Source: North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox)

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