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Witch Hazel (Vernal; Spring blooming)

1 gallon pot: $10
2 gallon pot: $35
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Flowering Shrub
The earliest flowering shrub to bloom; Bees love it!

Vernal witch-hazel has yellow and orange-red flowers with a spicy fragrance that appear In late winter or very early spring, before the leaves unfurl, lasting three to four weeks. The new foliage is an attractive bronzy-red color that matures to dark green. It turns a rich buttery yellow to golden yellow in fall.

The dried leaves often persist into winter. The fruit capsules mature in September or October, then split open to expel black seeds that are attractive to birds. The plants can sucker to form colonies. This is a great specimen plant for a naturalized landscape. (Source: The Morton Arboretum)

Additional Plant Info & Care

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