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Now is the Perfect Time to Plan for Spring Garden Work

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The daylight hours are lengthening, birdsong is everywhere, and hardy plants are budding in anticipation of spring. With the signs and sounds of spring in the air, now is the time for gardeners to make the most of that familiar spring enthusiasm and optimism. Many homeowners have a landscape job that they have wanted to get done, whether it’s a old planting renovation or a new project. Do you need a freshened foundation planting, a water feature, fire pit or other hardscape, or new perennial garden? Early spring is a great time to get plans underway to make sure your idea gets done.

There are three basic options for both novice and experienced gardeners. Deciding on which route to choose depends on each person’s knowledge, physical ability, experience, and budget.

Option one is to have the job professionally done. This is obviously the most expensive, but there are definite advantages, and even possible savings. Hiring a reputable company to do the work pretty much ensures that you will be avoiding costly mistakes due to lack of knowledge, such as choosing the wrong plants for the site, and the job will usually get completed in a timely manner.

Option two is to do the entire job yourself. Providing the labor gives you “sweat equity”, resulting in considerable savings. Even if you lack the knowledge for the job, there are so many resources available today on the Internet that taking the time to watch YouTube videos can be very educational. You can avoid costly mistakes and gain confidence to do the project well.

Option three can combine the best of both the other options. It is to enlist the help of a professional landscape business in planning and obtaining materials, but doing the bulk of the labor yourself. For this option, check with local landscaping businesses and garden centers to see what services they provide. Most will do a consultation and draw up a plan for you, listing the plants and materials you will need, as well as a quote for them to do the installation (option one). What you are looking for is a company that will work with you to give you valuable professional advice and provide plants and materials at a DIY discount. With you doing the labor, but using a professionally designed plan, you can be confident of avoiding mistakes and also save money.

Happy gardening!

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