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The First Triple Crown of Horticulture

Photo by All-America Solutions

‘American Gold Rush’ has been selected as the Perennial Plant Association’s (PPA) Perennial Plant of the Year for 2023. This Black-eyed Susan, a hybrid of native species bred and introduced by Intrinsic Perennials, produces loads of long-lasting 3-inch golden-yellow flowers with black centers atop its compact foliage, reaching just two feet when in full bloom. Most importantly, with its thin, hairy leaves and stems, it is highly resistant to Septoria leaf spot, the bane of other popular cultivars, including the old standard ‘Goldsturm’, even in wet, humid conditions. The flowers are produced heavily from mid-summer into fall, hitting it in stride when other perennials are fading, with some color even till frost. Being cold hardy all the way to Zone 4, this native is a great pollinator magnet for Central Indiana gardens (Zones 5B & 6A). It’s even drought-resistant once

established, and will grow well in poor soil with good drainage, in full sun to partial shade.

Adding to its credibility as a top-notch perennial, ‘American Goldrush’ was the first winner of the All-America Selections’ three-year trials held in various locations across the country in 2020. With these two prestigious awards, and with rudbeckia being the National Garden Bureau’s 2023 Perennial of the Year, ‘American Goldrush’ is receiving tons of promotion and as a result, has the honor of being the first “Triple Crown of Horticulture.”  If you enjoy Black-eyed Susans as much as butterflies and bees do, you’ll strike gold with this variety in your garden.

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