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JULY 26 & 27

10 AM - 4 PM

Our summer plant sale will take place on July 26 & 27. We're excited to see you and talk all things plants! 


Our mission is to get great plants into the hands of gardeners, both novice and experienced. We are constantly checking out new plant introductions that often are unusual and/or hard to find for a few years, but are worthy additions to our gardens and yours.

Parking: Please keep in mind we have street parking available. Help is available to help load your plants at the checkout area. 

Pricing: With very few exceptions, we're keeping our prices the same as last year. This means that almost all perennials are priced at $10 each and shrubs at $15 each. We can do this, for now, because:


  • We grow most of our plants by ordering directly from wholesale growers, just like most landscaping nurseries and garden centers do. This eliminates the middle-man and their markup. These young plants will take a year of growth to become more substantial, but we charge a fraction of what they will be worth after one season’s growth. (Example: One of our $15 blooming shrub varieties will grow in one year to a size that would cost three, even four times this amount if bought at a garden center.)

  • We propagate many of our plants from established “mother plants” or plantings that we grow in our gardens. This is a good value since they are divisions of mature plants, not young starts.

  • Some of our offerings are plants we save from renovated or updated landscaping jobs we do that would otherwise be trashed. They are perfectly fine, healthy plants, worth much more than what we have priced them, at great savings to you!

  • We don’t have the overhead and payroll that garden centers and nurseries do since we grow on our rural property and sell at three seasonal sales each year.

  • In late fall, we make deals with garden centers by offering to buy out their remaining stock of perennials that they are happy to sell at deep discounts, rather than having to overwinter them. That’s how we can offer $10 perennials that are valued at double, even triple that price at the garden centers.

Payment: We accept cash, checks, gift cards, and convenient, secure, and free bank transfers such as Zelle or Venmo to avoid the charge card fee of over 3% per transaction.

Warranty Policy: Any plant purchased is guaranteed through the end of the year's growing season. If any plant should die, a credit will be given for any future purchase. This limited warranty is one way we can keep prices low, and the feedback we have received is overwhelmingly positive.

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