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Alleghany Serviceberry

Price: $15
Size: 2 gallon pot
Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Tree
Nice size at 3-4' tall
Photo by North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox

Allegheny Serviceberry (Amelanchier laevis) is a small, deciduous, usually multi-trunked understory tree or tall shrub which is native to thickets, open woods, sheltered slopes and wood margins where it typically grows 15-20 feet tall. Features showy, 5-petaled, slightly fragrant, white flowers in drooping clusters which appear in early spring (April) before the leaves. Flowers give way to small, round, edible berries which ripen to dark purplish-black in June and resemble blueberries in size, color and taste. Finely-toothed, obovate leaves emerge with a bronzish-purple tinge in spring, mature to lustrous dark green in summer and turn red-orange in fall.

Very easy to grow and provides year-round interest. Berries are edible and juicier than those of the similar A. arborea. Serviceberries are subject to many disease and insect problems, but damage from these problems is usually cosmetic rather than life threatening. (Source: Wisconsin Pollinators)

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