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Fountain Bamboo (Dwarf)

Light: Full to Part Sun
Type: Flowering Shrub
True short variety of clumping bamboo; 5 ft. tall
Photo by You Garden

Fargesia is one of the best types of bamboos as it is short and has many small canes, and a much more delicate appearance than more thuggish members of the family. This non-invasive dwarf bamboo produces masses of new culms with a rusty tinge which then green up and unfurl masses of tiny thin green leaves, which are evergreen. The canes are very slender and thin, so they gently arch over, hence it's common name of 'Fountain Bamboo'. They are spectacular in big pots on the patio, and an ideal bamboo for small gardens but they also form a neat, dense and easy-care non-trim hedge. (Source: PlantIn)

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