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Dig Into Gardening Clubs

After many years of failed New Year’s resolutions, I now prefer to make gardening goals, which are more realistic and definitely more rewarding! This year’s goals include grubbing out the last of the invasive Amur Honeysuckles, as well as adding a small meadow of native perennials to support pollinators in a neglected, but sunny, area of our property. I’m certainly more motivated to accomplish these goals!

Especially during the winter months, when I can’t get my hands dirty digging in the garden, I find that keeping in contact with like-minded gardeners on Facebook gardening groups is not only educational, but provides support and encouragement in so many areas of gardening and landscaping. There are groups for most any topic of interest one could imagine, and members can be anywhere in the world. Two great local gardening FB groups are “Central Indiana Garden Exchange” and “Indianapolis Gardening”. 

For more personal interaction with like-minded gardeners, belonging to local garden club or local and/or national garden societies can be immensely rewarding for both novice and experienced gardeners. Name an interest, and there’s most likely a local group or national society dedicated to advancing knowledge about that plant. All local clubs and state or regional groups of national societies have regular meetings, excellent speakers and sometimes workshops, as well as annual garden tours of private gardens. National societies have large annual “conferences” and shows where one can meet very knowledgeable people, buy unusual plants at great prices, and tour private gardens. Luckily for area gardeners, Indianapolis has local chapters of national groups, and each county has good garden clubs.

Note: Each county also has an active Master Gardener program, whose members meet monthly, during or after completing the educational requirements to qualify as a Master Gardener. 

Local and National Special Interest Organizations: 

Make your New Year’s resolution to join and get involved with a garden club and/or a special interest society. I can guarantee that you will meet liked-minded gardeners who will help and support you with your gardening adventures.  

Happy gardening!

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